Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crawling Out of My Skin

If my family were allowed to write on this blog, they would tell you that I am less agreeable today than most other days. I feel a bit frazzled and stressed. I'm snippy and impatient. I feel a little sorry for them but mostly I feel sorry for myself. Afterall, I am the person who WANTS TO CRAWL OUT OF HER SKIN! And yes, this is PMS week. So, I am looking forward to next week when I might feel better. My family meanwhile is looking forward to my lobotomy.

I did finally see the endocrinologist today for my lab results. Everything was normal except for my testosterone level. It was zero. One website I looked at says women should be between 15-70. Why is testosterone important? In the right amount, it provides energy, faster metabolism, the ability to build muscle, a general sense of well-being, and sex drive. If Hubs. was writing this, he would have placed sex drive first in the list. He would probably write it in ALL CAPS too. I don't think he was surprised to hear that my blood level was nada. Anyway, beginning tomorrow morning, I will dissolve a tiny testosterone tablet on my tongue. I wonder if I'll be in lingerie tomorrow night? Nah, I don't want to disrupt the status quo. We need to save up our romantic energy for Friday night when we will be celebrating our 14th anniversary.

On a completely different topic, I saw this organization idea for gloves, hats, & scarves, and I actually went to Walmart, purchased one, brought it home, and SET IT UP! This is a big deal. Usually I am full of good intentions and no follow through. Additionally, I purchased a Crock-Pot and have a meal cooking right now! Imagine what I will be capable of once my testerone is above zero. Woo- Hoo!

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