Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Big Ten

Drew's 10th birthday is Thursday, July 12th and the celebration has begun. We visited Waxahachie this past weekend to honor me, Drew, and Rhonda because we are all summer babies. Rhonda is a long-time family friend/relative. Fortunately, the rain stayed far away so we could enjoy the great outdoors. Drew received some new inline skates and took advantage of the extensive patio/driveway areas to test them out. And we definitely ate CAKE! It was lots of fun to visit with family and relax out in the country.

We are struggling this year with choosing a birthday present. Drew can't think of anything he wants except for the skates that he already received. Today when I brought the subject up again, he said that his trip to Main Event with a couple of friends on Thursday is really what he wants the most. I think it is so sweet that he values time with friends. Hopefully, the boys will have a great time bowling and playing laser tag.

He has another party to attend on Sunday and then we are off to South Padre. What a dreamy life for a 10 year old!

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