Thursday, June 28, 2007

Getting My Feet Wet

Well, here I am! After much lurking on other blogs and listening to a couple of friends rave about the joys of blogging, I am finally getting myself out here. I'm not sure what to expect but it might be fun journaling online.

Today I turned 34. I celebrated with my husband and son this morning. They did a very nice job with cards and gifts. My dad called a little later to share his wishes and love. I am officially celebrating with my parents and sister in a couple of weeks, but it was really nice for Dad to call me. I guess I won't ever stop being Daddy's girl. Then the guys were off to Wal-Mart for swim trunks. Our son D. has swim trunks but they were left behind at my parent's last weekend. I'm unsure how they were left behind since I actually had a conversation with my hubby about the swim suits and he was going to gather them up for the trip home. Anyway... our son has quite the eye for fashion and loves purchasing items like swimsuits, hats, belts, and watches, so this was just one more opportunity to indulge him. Plus, a swim suit is quite necessary at a family reunion despite what other members of my husband's bloodline might say or do.

A little later, the love of my life and my sweet boy arrived home with a Wal-Mart sack. (How a person can go into Wal-Mart and leave with only one sack is beyond me.) The first item I was shown were the Sponge Bob golf balls. Although it seems strange, this was a valid purchase because the guys will be playing golf and they will always know whose ball is Sponge Bob. It does seem a little malicious to strike Sponge Bob on the face with a club, but that doesn't seem to concern D. The second item shown to me were the trunks. Beautiful hawaiian orange flowers all over some very LARGE trunks. I'm wondering how on earth these shorts are possibly going to stay on in the water when I see the tag and it says XL 14-16. My son is 9 and wears a 12/14. Needless to say, a lesson was learned today by both boys: always check the tag and ignore what the hanger says. After the tears were mostly dried on my hubby's face, they decided they would pack for the trip and then return to Wal-Mart for an exchange. At least the golf balls were the right size!

Finally, the guys got all of their stuff packed while I ran errands. I came home for a kiss and a hug before they left for Oklahoma. Then, I was off for fun. For my birthday, my friends from work met me for lunch. We had a wonderful time catching up on everyone's summer festivities and speculating about changes for the next school year.

And to end my day, I met my best girls for dinner and dessert. I can't ever remember having two celebrations in one day on my actual birthday! It was so much fun and I am so thankful for the blessings showered upon me. I can't wait to see what this year holds!


Jennifer H. said...

I get to be the first to comment! Yea! I am so proud of you. And I am so happy that I got to spend your birthday with you. I am really laughing that it is 5 a.m. and I am about to go to bootcamp. I just hopped on the computer and laughed when I got your email. I last saw you like 5 hours ago and you already have a blog! I will add you to my links today!
Happy Birthday!

stacey said...

I am SO proud of you! You have already made us laugh. Plus, as your friend, I know how valuable your online journaling could be to others. I have read your articles and many others will be blessed by your honesty and insight if you choose to share those thoughts!